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Women’s Ministries - First Lady President


  • Sister to Sister Celebrating Victorious Women - All women automatically are members. This organization seeks to enhance spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth by structuring activities and events which address the above needs of women. Annual Events include: Women’s Retreat, Sister to Sister Women’s Conference (1 day in February) and Prayer Breakfast (November).

  • Mother’s Board - A group of seasoned women selected and appointed by the Pastor. These women are prayerful and saintly in their demeanor. They are advisors and provide wise counsel to the younger women. They teach and train in a variety of areas and are promoters of peace and good will as they offer their prayerful support to the Pastor and his vision for the church.

  • Missionary Circle - Women who feel an inner call to missionary work are members of this group.They believe in their hearts they have been led by the Spirit of God to expound the Word of God to others. There are three (3) categories of missionaries: Aspiring Missionaries, Deaconess Missionaries, and Licensed Evangelist Missionaries. First Lady Shields, President

  • Prayer and Bible Band - This designated time of Prayer and Bible Study is primarily (but not limited to) the women of the church using topics for lesson outlines. Missy A.Venecia President

  • Christian Women’s Council (CWC) - Mature women ages 41 & up who gather for their fellowship. They are role models of sober and Godly character and display the attributes of responsible citizens. Missionary A. Venecia, President

  • Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC) - Three groups of women: YWCC 1 (ages 18-24), YWCC II (ages 25-37) & YWCC III (ages 38-49). These women gather for biblical instruction, motivation and demonstration of life skills in the home, the church, community and marketplace.  They sponsor and participate in activities and events which benefit the ministry. Mother Linda Travis, President

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