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The Vision


The vision for Antioch Temple Church of God in Christ is to build the church internally. Pastor Shields’ main objective is to evangelize to the surrounding Community. It’s his vision that Antioch be a beacon of light for the people in the community, and to show them God’s 
never-ending love by living a godly life. The next goal is to pay the church off in 5 to 10 years and acquire more property in order to expand, and to one day build a new church on the same property. The third goal is to open a preschool and educate our children in a godly environment.

A goal that is very touching is Elder Shields desire to provide care for retired pastors in need. Many times, after a pastor has dedicated his life to ministry, he/she retires with very little support. His desire is take care of older, retired pastors whose standard of living has dramatically decreased, due to retirement, health issues and/or decrease in income. Elder Shields wasn’t to establish a housing program for Senior Pastors who become less able to do their job. He is greatly concerned about their welfare and what happens to them during this stage of life. This goal is in the birthing stage but he will work with it until this goal comes to fruition.

Pastor Shields also has an awesome vision for the youth of Antioch. As a former youth Pastor he is always concerned about their state of being. He believes in training them in the ministry so they will be prepared to lead the church because he “can’t live forever”. Therefore, it is imperative that we train them and prepare them today, for tomorrow. He goes on to name the various ministries that young people can get involved in: hospital, Sunday School teaching, evangelist, ministers, missionaries, witnessing program, and outreach just to name a few. He wants them grounded and trained in scriptures so that they can step into leadership roles. It is his goal to equip the youth to become great leaders, to continue to seek the face of God, and to save the lost at any cost.

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